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About DollarSince

DollarSince was founded on 1st January 2022 by a small team of experienced crypto practitioners.

Why commence on the first day of a brand new year? There is no better way to kickstart a new year with a brand new blog project. We hope to carry on this tradition for many years to come, with new projects every year.

We are no fancy writers. We probably spent 80% of our lifespan experimenting with geek tools and acquiring wisdom along those lines. Crypto was something that struck us back in the Year 2016 and has stuck with us ever since.

We are crypto investors ourselves and also crypto contributors in various possible ways. We make technically hard-to-apprehend crypto stuff easy for everyday folks who want to go into this crypto realm. We spend every day (not even kidding) in the cryptocurrency arena and also in other financial instruments because we breathe that air. It is the only air technies like us soak in.

We will always try to write well so our readers can benefit from our knowledge sharing. The most valuable asset sharing we can give are all our blog posts, which are always written from personal experiences and reliable research.

Mission Statement

Providing 21st Century Financial Literacy Through Proven & Reliable Recommendations.


Becoming a financial synthesizer for all modern-day asset classes & instruments.


That everyone has an equal opportunity to learn trustworthy, reliable and proven financial guidance and receive free knowledge.


We understand that our blog posts may influence how you handle your financial decisions and investments; therefore, we believe that it is of utmost importance to be as transparent as possible in the way we recommend and advise.

Most blog posts are experimented with by our technical writers before publishing. The rest are highly regarded as on point from trustworthy sources. Therefore, all our blog posts are always proven to be true and accurate at the time of publishing.


We are a small team of digital enthusiasts, playing with software and hardware all our life, from software development to technology projects, to drones, to crypto and stocks and shares. Anything digitally alluring, we have the appetite for it.

We are also academically proficient, holding bachelor’s degrees in various technical disciplines, such as computer science and cyber security.

However, the most important attribute is our discipline to achieve financial abundance and impart that specific knowledge to everyone for free.

Knowledge should always remain free.

Knowledge is worth nothing at all, especially for the one who only knows but doesn’t take any action to benefit others and oneself.

Knowledge will become valuable to the person who acts upon it, and it is only then that one achieves wisdom and financial abundance.