11 BEST Hardware Crypto Wallets: All Features Compared (2024)


Choosing a hardware cryptocurrency wallet can be daunting when comparing various wallet features among the many types of hardware wallets out there.

This article will table down all the similar features in a categorical manner.

Comparing All Features of Hardware Crypto Wallets

This article will look at and compare all the features among the eleven (11) hardware crypto wallets.

Physical Attributes

What is the size measurement & weight of each hardware wallet?

S/noHardware WalletSize
(Width x Height x Depth)
1Ledger Nano S Plus62.39mm x 17.40mm x 8.24mm
(2.4in x 0.6in x 0.3in)
21 grams
(0.7 oz)
2CoolWallet Pro85.6mm x 53.98mm x 0.8mm
(3.4in x 2.1in x 0.03in)
4.5 grams
(0.16 oz)
3Ledger Nano X72mm × 18.6mm × 11.75mm
(2.8in x 0.7in x 0.4in)
34 grams
(1.2 oz)
4Trezor Model T64mm x 39mm x 10mm
(2.52in x 1.54in x 0.39in)
22 grams
(0.77 oz)
5Trezor Model One60mm x 30mm x 6mm
(2.4in x 1.2in x 0.2in)
12 grams
(0.4 oz)
6KeepKey38mm x 93.5mm x 12.2mm
(1.5in x 3.6in x 0.4in)
54 grams
(1.8 oz)
7NGrave ZERO125mm x 70mm x 13mm
(4.92in x 2.7in x 0.51in)
180 grams
(6.3 oz)
8ProKey Optimum50mm x 41mm x 9.4mm
(1.9in x 1.6in x 0.3in)
16.7 grams
(0.5 oz)
9BitBox0254.5mm x 25.4mm x 9.6mm
(2.1in x 1in x 0.3in)
12 grams
(0.4 oz)
10Ellipal Titan118mm x 66mm x 9.7mm
(‎4.7in x 2.6in x 0.4in)
138 grams
(4.8 oz)
11Ellipal Titan Mini75mm x 71mm x 10.5mm
(2.9in x 2.7in x 0.4in)
250 grams
(8.8 oz)

Key findings

The table above shows that the Ledger Nano S Plus is the smallest hardware wallet with a dimension size of 62.39mm x 17.40mm x 8.24mm (2.4in x 0.6in x 0.3in) and weighing 21 grams (0.7 oz). It looks like a slim rectangle-shaped USB flash drive.

The CoolWallet Pro is the lightest hardware wallet, weighing only 4.5 grams (0.16 oz) and measuring 85.6mm x 53.98mm x 0.8mm (3.4in x 2.1in x 0.03in) in size dimensions. It looks very similar to a credit card size.


How big is the screen, and how does each hardware wallet communicate and connect itself

S/noHardware WalletScreenPort ConnectorConnectivity
1NGrave ZERO4 inchesQR code, Biometric, Light sensor
2Trezor Model T240 x 240 pixelsUSB Type-CMicroSD slot, SSH
3Trezor Model One128 x 64 pixelsMicro-USBSSH
4Ledger Nano X128 x 64 pixelsUSB Type-CBluetooth
5Ledger Nano S Plus128 x 64 pixelsUSB Type-C
6KeepKey256 x 64 pixelsMicro-USB
7Ellipal Titan3.97 inchCameraQR code
8Ellipal Titan Mini2.4 inchCameraQR code
9CoolWallet ProBluetooth
10BitBox02128 x 64 pixelsUSB Type-CMicroSD slot
11ProKey Optimum240 x 240 pixelsUSB Type Micro-B

Key findings

The NGrave ZERO has the largest screen among the rest of the hardware wallets. The Trezor Model T and Model One devices have the most interfaces and connectivity. Both have USB connectors, SSH and a MicroSD card slot (for Model T).

Supported Cryptocurrencies

How many coins & tokens are supported

S/noHardware WalletSupported Coins/TokensNotes
1-2* Ellipal Titan
* Ellipal Titan Mini
10,000+44 blockchains and 10,000+ tokens
supported (Full list)
3-4* Ledger Nano X
* Ledger Nano S Plus
5,500+The majority are ERC-20 tokens
(Full list)
5-6* Trezor Model T
* Trezor Model One
1,816Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Dash,
Stellar, ERC-20 tokens (Full list)
7NGrave ZERO1,500+Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash,
Binance Coin, Dogecoin and Solana.
(Full list)
8ProKey Optimum1,500+Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Dash, Zcash,
all ERC20 tokens (Full list)
9BitBox021,500+Cardano, Polygon, Chainlink and others.
(Full list)
10KeepKey1,200+40 blockchains and 1,000+ tokens
supported (Full list)
11CoolWallet Pro150+All ERC-20 / BEP-20 / TRC-20 /
SPL customized tokens, ERC-721
& ERC-1155 NFT tokens (Full list)

Key findings

The Ellipal Titan hardware wallet has the most supported cryptocurrencies, supporting over 10,000+ coins/tokens. This is followed by the Ledger Nano X and S plus, which support over 5,500 coins & tokens and the Trezor Model T, which supports 1,816 coins & tokens.

Integration Platforms

Crypto Exchanges & Fiat Gateways

S/noHardware WalletIntegration Platforms
1-2* Trezor Model T
* Trezor Model One
Changelly, CoinSwitch, ChangeNow, ChangeHero, Fox Exchange, MorphToken
3CoolWallet ProBinance DEX, WalletConnect, OpenSea, Rarible
4-5* Ledger Nano X
* Ledger Nano S Plus
Changelly, Coinify, Wyre
6-7* Ellipal Titan
* Ellipal Titan Mini
Changelly, Simplex, SWFT, MoonPay
10NGrave ZERO
11ProKey OptimumWalletConnect

Key findings

The Trezor wallet and the CoolWallet Pro have the most integration platforms built into them. This enables users to easily buy, store and sell crypto on various platforms. Non-fungible tokens are also supported on several of these platforms.


Which of these hardware wallet support crypto staking?

S/noHardware WalletStaking Support
1-2* Ledger Nano X
* Ledger Nano S Plus
Support over 30+ coins/tokens.
E.g. Ethereum (ETH), Tron (TRX), Cronos (CRO) & Algorand (ALGO)
3-4* Ellipal Titan
* Ellipal Titan Mini
Cardano (ADA), Polkadot (DOT), Tezos (XTZ), Cosmos (ATOM) and Kusama (KSM)
5KeepKeyFOX and Ethereum (ETH)

Key findings

Not all hardware crypto wallets support staking features. Here are the three (3) wallets who does.

The Ledger, Ellipal and the KeepKey wallets all have support for crypto staking features.

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How much does each hardware wallet cost?

S/noHardware WalletPriceRelease Date
1NGrave Zero$398 EUR2019
2Trezor Model T$255 USD2018
3Ledger Nano X$149 USD2019
4CoolWallet Pro$149 USD2021
5Ellipal Titan$139 USD2019
6BitBox02$127 USD2018
7KeepKey$98 USD2015
8Ledger Nano S Plus$79 USD2022
9Ellipal Titan Mini$79 USD2018
10Trezor Model One$72 USD2014
11ProKey Optimum$69 USD2021

Key findings

The top 3 most expensive hardware crypto wallets are NGrave Zero ($398 EUR), Trezor Model T ($255 USD) and the Ledger Nano X ($149 USD).

The top 3 cheapest and least expensive hardware crypto wallets are ProKey Optimum ($69 USD), followed by Trezor Model One ($72 USD) and Ellipal Titan Mini ($79 USD).

Payment Methods

What are the different types of payment methods accepted

S/noHardware WalletPayment Methods
1-2* Ledger Nano X
* Ledger Nano S Plus
* PayPal
* Credit card
* Crypto.com Pay
* bitpay
3-4* Trezor Model T
* Trezor Model One
* Credit card
* Google Pay
* Bitcoin & Litecoin via Confirmo.net
4-5* Ellipal Titan
* Ellipal Titan Mini
* Credit card
* PayPal
* Coinbase Commerce
* Crypto.com Pay
6NGrave ZERO* Credit card
* PayPal
* Coinbase Commerce
* Crypto.com Pay
7BitBox02* Credit & Debit card
* Bank transfer
* Bitcoin and Lightning
* Crypto.com Pay
8BitBox02* Bitcoin
* Credit card
* Bank transfer
* Crypto.com Pay
9CoolWallet Pro* Crypto.com Pay
* BitPay

* Credit Card
10KeepKey* Credit card
* ShopPay
* PayPal
* Amazon Pay
11ProKey Optimum* Credit card
* PayPal

Most hardware crypto wallets accept credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrency payments.

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