The Best FREE Bitcoin Blockchain Explorers [2024 Updated]


Have you ever wondered how to analyse Bitcoin transactions? Or even how it looks like?

You can easily use your own Bitcoin address and search for it using one of the free blockchain explorer tools out there. It will show you all the incoming and outgoing transactions, stating the date and time, the transaction IDs and many more. In other words, from all these transactions, one can quickly add up to the wallet’s current balance.

Bitcoin itself uses blockchain technology, designed to be transparent and searchable.

There are many free tools, but unfortunately, these free explorers do not come with a graphical interface. If you want a visual representation, you should get a more robust commercial explorer tool that can do much more.

What are the Best FREE Bitcoin Blockchain Explorers?

The following three (3) sites are currently the most popular and frequently used by many.


WalletExplorer has been around since 2016. Although it is a free tool used by many worldwide to check on bitcoin transactions, it is also frequently used by law enforcement agencies. You can easily input the wallet address or the transaction ID (TXID) into the search bar. The newest bc1 address format is also supported here in this tool.

It can merge different wallet addresses if it thinks they are from the same wallet. The blockchain relies on being updated once every 1-2 days; therefore, it is not really “live” if you are looking for the most up-to-date transactions. Lastly, the free tool only shows confirmed transactions.

You have two (2) views, one is the wallet addresses view, and the other is the transaction view. You can export the results into CSV file format for offline viewing or merging with other visualisation tools in both views.


This all-in-one blockchain explorer supports over 17 blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin and many more. Strictly speaking, blockchair is a blockchain search and analytics engine.

You can filter and sort blocks, transactions, and their content by various criteria and perform a full-text search over the blockchains. The company does not collect personal data or share it with other third-party analytics companies and ad networks.

Blockchair provides users with a privacy search engine. You can search for transactions, blocks, addresses, or embedded text data.
The site can also verify if a transaction uses SegWit or a MultiSig transaction.


One of the earliest blockchain explorer tools out there began its services back in 2011. is now officially known as Its services also evolved throughout the years, from just providing blockchain explorer to managing crypto wallets and becoming a crypto exchange.

It has a strong pioneer team and plenty of long-time supporters. Its interface is plain and minimalist yet offers a straightforward analysis of the transactions that matter most. To read the first transaction, always stroll to the bottom last of the transactions, which will be the one.

If you are interested in other blockchain explorers, you can try out the following;

  • Chains (CryptoID)

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