Buying Hardware Crypto Wallets Anonymously [Payment Methods]


A hardware cryptocurrency wallet is the most secure way to store your cryptocurrencies. This is mainly due to its offline storage nature and robust security features.

There are times when you need privacy and want to remain anonymous when it comes to storing your coins & tokens.

Does a hardware wallet allow privacy and anonymity?

The answer is yes IF you purchase it using anonymous payment methods.

Anonymously buying a hardware cryptocurrency wallet requires privacy payment methods, such as accepting cryptocurrencies.

When someone pays using credit cards, it is as good as revealing oneself as personal information is linked to the bank’s card.

This article will focus on the hardware crypto wallets that can be purchased using cryptocurrencies.

What are the anonymous payment methods for buying hardware crypto wallets?

The table below lists all the different payment methods that each hardware wallet accepts, including cryptocurrencies,

S/noHardware Crypto WalletPayment Methods
1Ledger Nano X* PayPal
* Credit card
* Pay
* bitpay
2Trezor Model T* Credit card
* Google Pay
* Bitcoin & Litecoin via
3Ellipal Titan* Credit card
* PayPal
* Coinbase Commerce
* Pay
4NGrave ZERO* Credit card
* PayPal
* Coinbase Commerce
* Pay
5BitBox02* Credit & Debit card
* Bank transfer
* Bitcoin and Lightning
* Pay
Cryptocurrency payment methods in BOLD

Coinbase Commerce is a digital payment service offered by the company (Coinbase) that facilitates payment between users and merchants. The service allows them to transact payments in Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), DAI, USD Coin (USDC), Litecoin (LTC), Tether USD (USDT), ApeCoin (APE), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Shiba Inu (SHIB). Pay is a payment solution offered by the company ( that offers cashback and rewards to its users. You can pay with 30+ tokens, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Cronos (CRO), Dogecoin (DOGE) and Polkadot (DOT).

1. Ledger Nano X


Designed as the premium model by Ledger and released in 2019, the Nano X is a Bluetooth-enabled hardware wallet that works securely with Android and iOS mobile devices.

The hardware wallet support over 5,500+ coins and tokens. It has a 100 mAh battery and can last a few months when left idling. The battery can be recharged quickly using the provided cables on any laptop.

The hardware wallet uses a specialized chip called Secure Elements as an extra layer of security to generate and store private keys for crypto assets. In addition, it also uses a custom-built secure Operating System (BOLOS) for more protection.

Ledger Payment Methods


Ledger accepts four (4) payment methods; PayPal, Pay, Bitpay and Credit cards (Mastercard, Discover, UnionPay and JCB).

For anonymity, go for Pay and Bitpay payment methods.

2. Trezor Model T


Founded in 2013, the Trezor Model T is an advanced touchscreen device that allows users to store their cryptocurrencies securely offline (aka cold storage) and supports over 1800+ coins and tokens.

The hardware wallet allows up to 50 digits of PIN code and has complete network isolation. This means no WiFi, Bluetooth, or NFC and requires users to install the latest firmware on the device manually. This is ideal for those who seek total privacy and anonymity.

The Trezor Model T is the first hardware wallet in the world to implement Shamir Backup (SLIP39) and serves as a U2F (Universal 2nd-Factor) hardware token.

Trezor Payment Methods


Trezor accepts three (3) payment methods; Bitcoin & Litecoin via, Google Pay and Credit cards (VISA & Mastercard).

For anonymity, go for Bitcoin and Litecoin payment methods.

3. Ellipal Titan


The Ellipal Titan hardware wallet is an entirely air-gapped cold wallet 100% isolated from the Internet. This means the wallet is fully protected from unauthorized access, cyber hacks, malware and any online threats.

The hardware crypto wallet has no USB ports and Bluetooth connectivity. Instead, it uses the QR code for communications and has an anti-tamper and anti-disassembly design.

For transactions, the hardware crypto wallet works together with the Ellipal app. For example, to send coins, you will use the app to generate a unique QR code for your hardware wallet to scan and approve using its private keys stored inside. The entire transaction process also includes the gesture password and the account password.

Ellipal Payment Methods


Ellipal accepts four (4) payment methods; PayPal, Coinbase Commerce, Pay and Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard & AMEX).

For anonymity, use Coinbase Commerce and Pay.

4. NGrave ZERO


Released in 2019 and having a 4″ touchscreen display touchscreen, the NGrave ZERO is a hardware crypto wallet with a 4-inch touchscreen for user interaction with the device. In addition, the hardware wallet is EAL7 certified, the highest level of security in the blockchain industry.

The hardware wallet supports the creation of up to 100 accounts, storing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, BNB, XLM, XRP, DOGE, and USDT, and over 1500+ ERC20 tokens.

The NGrave ZERO does not rely on USB or any network connection capability such as WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, or 4G. Instead, it uses QR codes for communications and a biometric fingerprint sensor for authentication and transaction signing.

NGrave Payment Methods


NGrave accepts four (4) payment methods; PayPal, Coinbase Commerce, Pay and Credit cards (VISA, Mastercard & AMEX).

For anonymity, use Coinbase Commerce and Pay.

5. BitBox02


Released in 2019, the Bitbox02 is a Swiss-made hardware wallet designed to be mobile-ready, allowing connectivity via USB-C to be plugged directly into the computer and Android devices.

The hardware wallet comes with a micro-SD card slot so users can use it for easy backup and restoration purposes. The device has no physical buttons as it uses invisible touch sensors (e.g. tapping, sliding) for users to interact with the wallet.

The Bitbox02 supports over 1500+ ERC20 tokens and major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and many others.

BitBox02 Payment Methods


BitBox02 accepts five (5) payment methods; Bitcoin & Lightning, Pay, Bank transfer, Credit cards and payment solutions such as Bancontact, Ideal, Giropay and Alipay.

For anonymity, use Bitcoin and Pay.

Which hardware crypto wallets do not accept anonymous payment methods?

Below are some hardware crypto wallets that do not accept anonymous payment methods, such as cryptocurrency payments.



The KeepKey wallet was released in 2015 and subsequently bought over by ShapeShift, a Switzerland-based cryptocurrency exchange. The hardware wallet supports several coins, including BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC and many ERC-20 tokens.

Users access their wallet via a secure connection to the ShapeShift platform for sending, receiving, exchanging and performing crypto trading. The platform is also compatible with the Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets.

KeepKey does not accept cryptocurrency payments. Instead, they accept credit cards, PayPal, Amazon Pay and Shop Pay.

ProKey Optimum


The Prokey Optimum hardware wallet uses a browser-based interface to connect users securely to their crypto funds. The interface supports over 1000+ coins and tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB. XRP, MATIC, DOGE and many more.

Security-wise, the hardware wallet has PIN & Passphrase protection and the ability to create multiple accounts to manage balances and anonymity.

ProKey does not accept cryptocurrency payments. Instead, they accept credit cards and PayPal.

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