5 Cryptocurrency Wallets to store Brave (BAT) rewards [2024]


You have some Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), and now you are looking for a secure BAT wallet to hold them together.

There are generally three (3) types of BAT wallets that you can choose from. They are classified into software, hardware and exchanges wallets.

  • Software wallet – Free to use and provides ease of use, especially when it can be installed and used on mobile devices.
  • Hardware wallet – The most secure form of cryptocurrency storage. They are mainly used by those who want to hold their cryptos for the long term.
  • Exchange wallet – The most convenient way of buying, storing and selling cryptocurrencies, all in one place.

What are the Cryptocurrency Wallets that can store Brave (BAT) tokens

These are the five (5) types of cryptocurrency wallets for Brave (BAT) tokens.

Software Wallet

Software wallets are suitable for most devices and operating systems (e.g. Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android). They are free to use and convenient to “carry” around since they are installed onto your devices. In addition, updating is a breeze as long as you connect it to the Internet.

They are often referred to as “hot” wallets because they must be connected to the Internet. This is necessary for syncing to the blockchain to display balance, sending and receiving cryptos, etc.

Here are the best two (2) software wallets you can store your BAT onto.

1. Brave Wallet

Brave announced the launch of its own native browser-based crypto wallet in November 2021. This is their first official wallet that not only supports their own BAT token, it also supports mainly Ethereum or Ethereum-based blockchains (ones that support EVM, like Polygon or Layer 2 systems.

Brave Wallet interface

Since BAT is from Brave itself, the Brave Wallet seems to be the logical choice here for storage. However, the development of the Brave Wallet is still very new. Currently, it does not support Bitcoin, Litecoin and other popular altcoins. However, brave had indicated that they are in the process of building support for Bitcoin and other altcoins soon.


  • Ability to add more accounts. This means you can create more Brave wallets and easily swap between them using the <Accounts> tab shown in this interface.
  • See all your cryptocurrency portfolios in one dashboard interface.
  • Add more cryptocurrencies to your dashboard.
  • Buy cryptocurrency through Wyre, which is natively supported by Brave wallet.
  • Send cryptocurrency to wallet address
  • Swap (or trade) between different cryptocurrencies


  • Brave can be installed on major operating systems, such as iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Linux. Therefore you can have Brave Wallet on all these devices.
  • Brave Wallet currently only supports BAT, Ethereum and Ethereum-based blockchains. So Bitcoin and other altcoins are not supported as of yet.

If you are only using the Brave Wallet for storing BATs, yes, it would be the best choice regarding official tech support and ease of use since it resides inside your Brave web browser.

To set up Brave Wallet for the first time, copy the following onto the Brave address bar. The registration process is quick and should take about 3 minutes or so.


If you prefer to see an illustrated guide, I have written a post on how to create a new Brave Wallet from scratch.

2. Exodus

Founded in 2015 and voted by many to be the most secure software wallet, the Exodus wallet is suitable for beginners and experienced crypto users because of its simple wallet interface and easy navigation. Appearance-wise, its sleek design is modern and appeals to a more extensive user base.

Exodus wallet interface showing crypto assets and overall value

How does the Exodus wallet works?

Exodus wallet is software installed on your device that encrypts your private keys and transaction data on your local device offline. You can recover your wallet on another new device if you lose your device by providing the correct 12-word recovery phrase. There is no need for wallet registration or any account setup process.


  • Exodus and Trezor worked together to manage and exchange your crypto portfolio securely.
  • Ability to install crypto apps like Crypto Rewards and Compound Finance to earn interest by staking your crypto asset.
  • Swap your crypto from one to another easily using Exodus.
  • Buy and sell crypto from the wallet.


  • Exodus can be installed on most operating systems, i.e. Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android.
  • Exodus currently supports over 150+ major cryptocurrency assets.

Hardware Wallet

Hardware wallets offer you the most secure piece of mind you can get. These devices are offline, which means they are immune to malware, viruses and cyber-attacks. The only fear is the loss of the hardware wallet itself. However, it is also locked with your password even if someone gains physical access to it. As a result, hardware wallets are often referred to as “cold” wallets.

Generally, people use hardware wallets to store their crypto assets, especially long-term holding. The cost of one (1) hardware cryptocurrency wallet is typically between USD 150 to USD 250.

As quite a few are out in the market, this article will focus on the Trezor Model T.

3. Trezor Model T


Trezor supports over 1000+ crypto assets, including BAT. It is highly rated in the crypto community with its small design built and user-friendly interface.

When you first set up your Trezor, it will ask you to download and install the latest firmware. This means the Trezor device is shipped to you without any firmware. This is to minimize any man-in-the-middle attack hijacking or manipulating your device firmware.

You connect your Trezor to your computer via a USB connection and install the Trezor secure bridge software. After which, you will be presented with a browser page of Trezor features, and you will create your different crypto wallets from there.

Trezor is protected with a passcode if someone gains physical access to it. Beyond that, if the device is misplaced or damaged, you can recover all your assets back using your recovery seed. This is between 12 to 25 seed words in a specific order.

Exchange Wallet

This is where most crypto users generally start and stick to. Depending on the features provided by the crypto exchange, most commonly, it can allow one to purchase cryptocurrencies easily, usually with a bank transfer using fiat deposits, credit cards or direct crypto deposit into the exchange wallet. Furthermore, exchanges offer several types of cryptos for buying/selling/trading purposes. Thus they have wallets for each crypto they provide. In other words, users do not have to maintain their own crypto wallets.

4. Binance

Binance is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of the trading volume. At the time of this article, Binance’s daily 24 hours trading volume exceeds 76 billion dollars. On top of it, the exchange supports more than 500+ coins, including BAT. So you can deposit or buy BAT to your Binance-BAT wallet.

You can buy cryptos easily through bank transfer (for supported fiat currencies), credit card (VISA and Mastercard), or direct crypto deposits. One unique feature is the ability to perform over-the-counter (OTC) trade, which connects the buyer and seller in a P2P platform.

As Binance is the largest cryptocurrency at the time of this article, the price of each crypto asset is very competitive, and you can perform trades fast as they are many users daily.

5. Coinbase

Coinbase is a US-based exchange that supports over 4000+ crypto assets, including BAT. If you deposit or purchase BAT, Binance has a ready-BAT wallet.

The strength of Coinbase is its customer service standards. In addition, it has several local branch offices worldwide, giving its users additional peace of mind, especially regarding technical troubleshooting issues.

Coinbase is a self-custody crypto wallet that encrypts and rests the users’ private keys and data within the user’s device. New users can easily purchase their first cryptocurrency through a bank transfer or a debit card. A unique feature of Coinbase is its ability to “cash out” and withdraw USD to your Paypal account.


If you intend to buy more BAT on top of the existing BAT, you already have, choose Binance or Coinbase because this is where you can purchase BAT and other cryptos easily and store them inside the exchange wallet conveniently.

If you intend to keep your BAT for long-term holding, depending on the amount and value of your BAT, you may want to consider getting a hardware wallet like the Trezor Model T. It behaves like an offline cold storage vault that protects your cryptos.

If you want a fast, easy and convenient way to store your BAT, choose a software wallet like Exodus.

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