Use Brave to earn money through BAT rewards (UPDATED – 2024)


We surf the web daily using web browsers like Chrome, Safari and others. However, do you know you can earn some money this way?

The Brave web browser is a Chromium-based web browser (open-source Google code) that offers a speedy web experience and the option of receiving privacy-respecting ads that can earn you some real money.

Brave ads are accumulated into a cryptocurrency called Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). BAT itself has USD value in it. At the time of this writing, one (1) BAT is worth approximately USD 1.00.

How to Use Brave to earn money through BAT rewards?

This article will show you how to use the Brave browser to earn real money in the form of BAT rewards via getting occasional privacy-respecting Brave ads.

1. Turn ON Brave Ads and earn BAT rewards

On the desktop, go to Brave Settings > Brave Rewards > Turn ON Brave private ads and set the maximum number of ads to display, e.g. 10 ads per hour.

On mobile, open Brave browser > click on the triangle icon on the top-right of the browser > Turn ON Brave Private Ads.

When Brave Ads is ON for the first time, you will see the first few Brave ads coming in immediately as a sign that your device is working fine with the ads and can earn BAT rewards.

If you do not receive a single Brave ad coming in once you turn on the option. Check out these troubleshooting articles below to find your fix;

a) Check your Region eligibility

Make sure you are physically located in a region where Brave Ads can be delivered to you. You can check the complete list of Brave Ads-supported countries here.

You will notice that certain countries tend to have more active ad campaigns. This means more advertisers are willing to pay for users from those countries like the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.

While not all of us reside in those countries, we can always use reliable VPN services to connect ourselves to an, e.g. UK VPN server, and our internet connection will appear to Brave browser that we are from that country.

There is nothing wrong with using a VPN service. On the contrary, it is often regarded as a good privacy practice for any online user. Using a VPN offers several advantages, including masking your IP address to protect you from malicious attacks, internet advertisers, web cookies and monitoring tools. In this instance, we can use VPN to make us seem like we are from, e.g. the UK, to receive more Brave ads.

The following tested VPN services are proven to be working fine with the Brave browser;

  • ProtonVPN
  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN

b) Check your Device compatibility

If you are using Brave on an Android device, ensure that it is not rooted and contains a custom ROM. The simple way to find out is to install the SafetyNet Test app and let it check against your device. The whole process will take less than a minute, and you will need to pass the test.

c) Increase your chances of earning more money

On mobile devices, make sure you install all three (3) Brave build variants, namely the official Brave stable version, the Brave (beta) and the Brave (Nightly).

Make sure the first few ads can arrive from these browsers when you turn on the Brave Ads option for the first time. Then, start to use them for your daily surfing activities. Finally, use the official Brave stable version to log in to sensitive websites with credentials.

Use a variety of different mix of devices, such as desktop and mobile. Read the following article to learn more about earning more BAT rewards.

2. Sign up to be a Brave Creator and earn BAT rewards

You get paid directly by Brave users for your web content.

There are many Brave browser users worldwide, and many of them have set up auto-contribution of BAT tipping to web content owners who are Brave Creators. So, if you are a Brave Creator, you may get tipped by Brave users who visit your online content and thus earn your BAT rewards.

So how to become a Brave Creator?

Firstly, you must be a Content Creator on the following channels, namely YouTube, Twitch, your own website/blog, or you have your own publication.

Next, you must sign up as a Brave Creator on their registration page and provide your online channel. You can give more than one if you wish to. The registration process is instant and fast.

In short, Brave users tip you BAT for your web content, and you collect your BAT tips from them,

3. How much is BAT worth?

You can check the current price of one (1) BAT on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.

BAT has shown its slow, gradual growth from its initial debut price of USD 0.10 in June 2017 to around USD 1.76 in November 2021.


Although Brave had stopped its referral program for recommendations on its web browser and discontinued its airdrop of BAT tokens, there are still ways to earn money from using the Brave browser in the form of BAT rewards.

BAT prices are constantly on a gradual slow rise. Therefore, it is always good to either HOLD (or the popular misspelt version of HODL). Then, you can swap them easily into other cryptocurrencies or even into fiat dollars like USD.

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