How to find your BAT wallet address in Brave browser


The Brave web browser allows users to surf the web and earn its own form of cryptocurrency, called Basic Attention Token (BAT), when they opt in to watch Brave ads, which is privacy-respecting.

You had accumulated some BATs tokens, and now you want to find your wallet address so you can withdraw them or deposit some BATs.

What is the BAT wallet address used for?

Your BAT wallet address is the deposit address you can use to give to others who need to transfer BAT funds to you. In addition, you can publicly share this BAT deposit address.

Where can I find the BAT wallet address?

Depending on your setup, these are the two (2) ways to find it.

1. From Brave Wallet

When you have set up the official Brave wallet, you can see your BAT deposit wallet address on the top right-hand side of the dashboard. Copy and paste the address to the wallet or person who will send you BAT funds.

Brave Wallet Dashboard
Example of a BAT deposit wallet address in Brave Wallet

2. From your verified Brave Rewards wallet

If you have verified your Brave Rewards wallet, go to your Uphold or Gemini account and look for your BAT deposit wallet address.

If unsure, open your Brave browser and click on the red triangle icon on the address bar (far right). When you see the word <Verify Wallet>, this means you have not done any wallet verification. Click it and continue the process to do so. Brave’s appointed cryptocurrency exchanges are Uphold and Gemini. You can choose either one to sign up with.

An unverified Brave Rewards wallet

When you click on > Add Funds, you will see a notification screen that says you can freely withdraw and deposit funds if you verify your Brave Rewards wallet.


Verification is required here if you want to see your BAT deposit wallet address. The address will be from either Uphlod or Gemini exchange.

What wallet does Brave use and recommends?

Brave itself created the new Brave Wallet, and it is their official wallet. It is built into the browser and requires no installation & extensions, uses less computing resources and has lower security risks than wallets that require additional installation.

When you first install the Brave browser, you already have the Brave Rewards wallet inside your browser. However, you cannot withdraw or deposit any BAT until you verify it with Uphold or Gemini.

After verification, all your future BAT rewards will be deposited upon payout into your Uphold or Gemini wallet address. You can freely withdraw, deposit or even start trading BATs within the exchange. You can treat Uphold and Gemini as your BAT wallet.

Many other cryptocurrency wallets support the Brave BAT token if you want more alternatives.

Can I send BAT to my Brave Wallet?

Yes, you can. Once you set up the official Brave Wallet, you can safely deposit BAT and any Ethereum-based tokens. You can also withdraw them anytime you want. The Brave Wallet “lives” in your Brave browser. You are given a 12-word recovery seed during installation, which helps you recover your wallet if needed. On top of it, your wallet is also protected with a pin code.

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