How to FIX Brave (BAT) Claim Button Error When It’s Not Working


Using Brave web browser while surfing the web allows us to earn BAT rewards in the form of BAT tokens. However, sometimes the claiming process is broken somehow, and it is frustrating to be unable to get your earnings.

You receive a notification saying, “Your rewards from Ads are here!” and there is a big orange <Claim> button. You try to press it, and you will encounter error messages like these;

  • “Oops, something is wrong. Please try again later.
  • Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again.
  • Error. Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again” message.

All these error messages mean the same thing. You are unable to claim your BAT rewards for the time being.

I have been using the Brave web browser for many years, especially on different devices. One primary observation is that desktop versions are often more stable than mobile versions.

it is a well-known development bug that certain mobile devices running custom-ROM Android are affected at times. If your device is rooted, you will also face Brave rewards claiming error.

There are several reasons you are encountering such error messages, and they can be due to device incompatibility, different build variants of the brave browser and others.

Note that, at this point, there is no need to set up & verify your Brave wallet when you are only claiming your BAT rewards. This step is not necessary at all for claiming BAT rewards.

How to FIX Brave browser’s Claim button error for BAT rewards?

This article will list all the possible solutions to rectify this error problem.

Pass SafetyNet for Android devices

Ensure your mobile device is not rooted and protected against security threats like device tampering, harmful installed apps, etc. The only way to check is to use SafetyNet, provided by Google, to scan your device. The process only takes less than a minute.

Brave rewards are ineligible if your device does not pass the SafetyNet test.

Un-Hide Brave Rewards Button

This applies to both desktop and mobile versions of the Brave browser. Next, go to <Settings>, <Appearance> and toggle ON and OFF the <Hide Brave Rewards button> slider. This will re-launch your browser app. Let it restart, and try to claim your BAT rewards again.

Clear App Cache

On desktop, go to <Brave Settings>, select <Privacy and Security> and <Clear browsing data>. Tick <Cached images and files> and press <Clear data> button below. This is to clear your web browser cache. Restart your web browser and test your claim button again.

On your mobile device, clear your Brave app cache (not the same as clearing your app data). After which, force quit the app, restart it and try again.

Claiming Through VPN Connection

Using a reliable and tested VPN has several advantages for increasing Brave ads and more BAT tokens. It has been reported that some users had success in using VPN to overcome their unclaimed BAT rewards in this way.

The following VPN services have been proven to be working well alongside the Brave browser;

  • ProtonVPN
  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN

Drag & Drop the Triangle Shape Correctly

One of the problems that you cannot claim your Brave rewards is failing to pass the human verification test conducted by Brave. This test is needed BEFORE you can claim your Brave rewards.

In this test, you must match the triangle shape to its specified target. You read carefully which target shape is the correct one.

The instruction will be “Drag and drop this logo onto the <specified-shape> target“. The shape can be either a circle, a square or a triangle.

Do not always assume to drag the triangle icon into the triangle shape. This is not always the case. Read carefully.

If you fail, you will encounter the error message “Hmm… Not Quite. Try Again”.

Update to the latest Brave browser version

A quick fix is to upgrade your web browser to its latest version. Sometimes specific technical development bugs are being fixed in the latest versions.

Restart your device

Restart your device and rerun your Brave browser. Sometimes it is just a technical glitch that requires system-level and app-level restarting.

You can try claiming the BAT rewards daily if you are patient enough. Some users had reported success after trying for a few days.

Consult the Brave community

An official Brave community offers users technical advice, support, and resources. You can post your problem there and hope that someone has a solution.

Last resort, re-install Brave

After trying all the ways stated above in this article, this should be your last resort. Re-installing Brave will result in losing all your BAT tokens.

Sometimes, your device’s main problem is incompatible with Brave somehow. The only way out is to try it on a new device and start afresh.

Make sure you had either;

  • Deposited them correctly into your Brave wallet or
  • Had transferred them into your cryptocurrency exchange, like Binance or Coinbase or
  • You are willing to forgo your BAT tokens and start afresh.

You should install all three (3) build variants of the Brave browser to test which one works well on your mobile device. The official Brave release version is the Brave (Beta) and the Brave (Nightly). All three (3) variants can receive Brave ads and earn BAT tokens; you have to install and test which build variant works on your device.


All the steps above will help you to fix your Brave claiming error. If you try all of them, surely one of the steps will be able to rectify your problem.

Below are some of the other common troubleshooting errors and their fixes;

Once you have fixed your problem, the next step is increasing and getting more Brave BAT rewards onto your device.

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