How to Fix “Brave Rewards is not available on your device” error


You are using the Brave web browser, and you go to Settings > Brave Rewards and turn ON the > Brave private ads.

There is a pop-up message that says, “We’re sorry it appears Brave Rewards is not available on your device“. Unfortunately, this means you cannot earn BAT tokens by receiving Brave ads on your browser.

This is a device-specific error message; the problem lies with your physical device. Generally, it is a hardware incompatibility issue.

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How to Fix the “Brave Rewards is not available on your device” error

Here are all the possible ways to check and fix this problem.

Is Brave operating under virtualisation mode?

Make sure you are not running Brave web browser under a virtualisation environment. In this situation, you use tools like VMware, Virtualbox or Parallels to run Brave inside a sandbox environment.

In such circumstances, Brave may not recognise correctly the type of device you are using and thus prompt you with the error message. If so, exit the virtualisation mode and run Brave normally in your host environment.

Pass the SafetyNet Test

Google develops it. SafetyNET test checks your device via informing Google about the device’s safety status. In addition, it checks for potential malicious activities and if your device is rooted. Both instances are considered high risk to Google and will not pass the test.

Brave adopts the same safety concern and requires devices to be safe for Brave ads to be delivered. The best way to check your device is to install SafetyNet Test and run the quick test yourself. It will typically take less than a minute.

Is your device rooted or using a custom ROM?

If your device is rooted or running a custom Android ROM, there is a high chance that Brave rewards are not compatible with your device.

Use SafetyNet to check if your device is rooted. Then, check the Andriod OS you use to determine a custom ROM. Search Google for its name and version number, and you will know the answer.

Is your device running on an older OS version?

Are you using an old version of a desktop or mobile device? Unfortunately, older versions of operating systems are often the main problem with several technical errors.

Please update your device, whether Windows, macOS or Android, to its latest version first.

Installing other Brave builds

Sometimes the problem could be the Brave web browser itself.

Try out all three (3) variants of the Brave browser; the official Brave stable release version, the Brave (beta) and the Brave (Nightly) version.

Update your Brave browser version

You must update your Brave browser to the latest version. However, there is a chance that maybe your device is already supported in the newest version.

Change your device type.

As a last resort, you should consider changing to a new device, a desktop computer or a mobile phone. The main objective here is to earn Brave rewards (BAT), and you should not waste any time troubleshooting this incompatible device.

Contact Brave Community

Brave has an official community where users can pose their technical problems and seek advice from other users. Sometimes the tech support will assist if your problem is a common one. In addition, you can read and pose any questions ranging from Brave rewards to feature requests to seeking Brave resources.


You have to try all the above methods as one will assist you in your troubleshooting problem. Once your error is fixed, the following steps will be to find ways to increase your BAT earnings through various possible ways.

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