7 Ways To Generate Your Custom Vanity Crypto Wallet Address


Want to have your own personalised, attractive crypto wallet address? You probably have seen it before somewhere on the Internet, the long string of numbers that is actually “readable” in some parts of the characters.

A good vanity address is easily remembered and helpful if used on donation sites or as a company official wallet address.

A vanity wallet address behaves just like a regular wallet address.

So what exactly is a vanity address?

A cryptocurrency vanity address is an address in which the user chooses a particular part of it, usually in the front few characters. Not all cryptocurrency supports vanity generation, but Bitcoin and Ethereum support it.

Here’s an example of a Bitcoin vanity wallet address, with the word “Coffee” as the vanity choice.


For Bitcoin

There are several Bitcoin (BTC) vanity generation tools out there, and here are the two (2) reliable ones.

VanityGen.net (Online)

VanityGen asking you to input your custom word

The first three (3) characters are free to choose from, and the website will generate them for you. The estimated waiting time can range from 5 to 20 minutes.

For custom four (4) characters and above, the online service VanityGen provides a paid service for longer Bitcoin vanity addresses.

Below is the price range they are charging. Once payment is received, VanityGen will generate your custom characters and email you the private key once it is completed.


VanityGen (Script)

If you prefer the offline method, then the script VanityGen is worth consideration. It is an open-source vanity address generator hosted on Github, with its source code thoroughly examined by the public.

This method is deemed very secure as it requires no internet connection; thus, your private keys will only be known to you, not others.

Depending on your operating system, you will need basic computer knowledge to compile and install the application. Otherwise, it is a very safe method to use.

For Ethereum

Ethereum (ETH) is the backbone for several coins and tokens using its blockchain. Thankfully ETH can have vanity address generation. Here are the two (2) free tools that have been tested to work for you.


Vanity-ETH is a free, open-source project that uses your web browser to generate your custom Ethereum vanity address. All you need to do is enter the suffix/prefix of your choice. Only letters from A to F are allowed to be chosen.

Vanity address generated through Vanity-ETH is ERC-20 compatible, and its keystore file is also compatible with MyEtherWallet and MetaMask.

An example of using Vanity-ETH to generate a prefix of “dddd” at the beginning of the Ethereum address. The output Ethereum address in this example was: 0xdddd79944a57ec423F0746a5b5D70cF2952995F5.

Ethereum vanity address found using the prefix provided.


CoinTool is another free online tool that uses your web browser for Ethereum vanity wallet generation.

The only allowed characters are 0-9, A-F and a-f.

You can choose if you want it to be case sensitive, between suffix or prefix mode and the number of threads you want it to use on your device. Naturally, the more threads, the faster it will generate the desired address.


For Other Altcoins






Stellar Vanity

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