Complete Guide to Basic Attention Token (BAT) | Brave Browser


Want to know more about the Brave BAT token?

This article is written in a chronological learning manner that is easier for beginners to understand. It covers from installing Brave to withdrawing BAT and the various troubleshooting issues.

Brave web browser

The Brave web browser is where it all begins.

When you install Brave, it is a free and open-source Chromium-based web browser. Many have reviewed it as a fast-loading privacy-focused browser that automatically blocks trackers and online advertisements.

Under the Settings of Brave, you can activate Brave Ads.

Brave Ads

Brave works with advertisers to provide users with privacy-respecting ads when they surf the web using the Brave browser. These ads are often silent notifications in the background and do not interfere with the web surfing experience. In addition, no pop-ups are appearing for Brave ads.

Users need to opt-in to agree to turn on Brave ads before they can start earning their Brave Attention Token (BAT).

What is Basic Attention Token (BAT)

BAT is Brave’s form of cryptocurrency to reward users for watching Brave ads while using their web browser. The ecosystem design also allows users to tip their favourite online creator on the Internet. The requirement is that these content creators must be verified as Brave Creator.

BAT is the token that fuels this new blockchain-based digital advertising platform designed to fairly reward users for their attention while providing advertisers with a better return on their ad spend.

Price of BAT from past till present

The starting BAT price in June 2017 was about USD 0.166, reaching an all-time high price of USD 1.92 in November 2021. This is based on the time of this article.

At the beginning of January 2022, Brave just reached 50 million active monthly users. Based on this data and the rising price point, BAT is on track for constant growth in the near future.


How to Earn More BAT tokens

Turning ON Brave ads allows you the chance to earn BAT. However, many factors contribute to how many ads and earnings you can receive.

These are the few important ones to take note of;

Use a reliable VPN

Your physical location decides how many relevant and targeted Brave ads you can receive. Brave provided a list of all supported countries and ranked which countries have more active ad campaigns. Countries like the USA, the UK and Canada favour earning more BATs.

If you are not from these countries, you can always use a reliable VPN service to connect to that country. The tested and proven VPN services that work with Brave browsers are ProtonVPN, NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

Be a Brave Creator

Sign up for free to be a Brave Creator, so Brave users can tip your content if they like it. To qualify, you must have your website, a Youtube channel, a Twitch channel or your publication.

Staking your BAT

BAT is a Proof of Stake algorithm involving Brave users, the advertisers (the Brave ads) and the publishers (the content creators).

If you do not intend to use your BAT for the period, you can consider staking them in exchanges in return for interest earned. One of them is the Gemini Earn feature which offers a 1.75% interest on BAT.

How to Buy More BAT tokens

For convenience, once you verify your Brave Rewards wallet and register with Gemini exchange, all BATs will be entirely deposited there under your account. Any future earned BATs will also go there. If you wish to buy more BAT, Gemini is a trading cryptocurrency exchange and can facilitate your purchase there.

Other major crypto exchanges you can consider are;

Withdrawing your BAT

When you have accumulated at least 25 BATs in your Brave Rewards wallet, you can start to withdraw them if you wish to.

These initial accumulated BATs are in your temporary Brave Rewards wallet. Therefore, it is important to verify it. If you re-install your Brave browser or face technical problems on your device, your BAT may be lost forever.

The articles below will show you how to verify and withdraw them using your BAT withdrawal address to your preferred exchange.

When verifying, you will be asked to register for an Uphold or Gemini exchange account. These two (2) are Brave-supported exchanges. After verification, your future earned BATs will be automatically deposited to the exchange.

Storing BAT using the Official Brave Wallet

In 2021, Brave introduced its official Brave wallet, which resides within the web browser. There is no need for additional installation or setup. When you are using the Brave browser, you can already use your Brave wallet.

The official Brave wallet is optional to use and is still in the early development stage since it was launched not too long ago. Currently, it only supports BAT and Ethereum-based blockchain tokens. However, more and more coins will be supported in the near future.

Storing BAT using alternative crypto wallets

There are always other alternative cryptocurrency wallets to choose from. However, you generally have to use either a software-based wallet (commonly mobile wallet apps), a hardware wallet, e.g. Trezor or Ledger, or a crypto exchange wallet for easy trading purposes, such as Binance or Coinbase and Kucoin.

Troubleshooting Issues

Technical issues may still occur after everything has been installed and set up correctly. For example, you may encounter problems receiving BATs, Brave ads, Brave wallet and even payouts. However, here are the common troubleshooting solutions you will find helpful.

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