Guide: Honeygain Payout in Bitcoin [Proof & Processing Time]


If you are using Honeygain as a passive way of earning income, you will come across the withdrawal option of choosing Bitcoin (BTC) as your preferred payout method.

Honeygain is a software application that you can install on your computer or mobile device, and it uses your extra internet bandwidth and shares it with others. In doing so, you get paid for sharing. In the Honeygain application, you can set the monthly bandwidth you wish to share.

How long does it take to withdraw Bitcoin from Honeygain?

From our real-life Honeygain withdrawal experiences, it will take Honeygain about five (5) days to process the payout amount. This begins when you start requesting the BTC payout to the date you receive the BTC amount in your cryptocurrency wallet.

We started the BTC payout request on Feb 4, 2022, and received it in our Houbi exchange wallet on Feb 9, 2022. Therefore, the processing time is exactly five (5) days.

This article will show you step-by-step how to withdraw your Honeygain earnings into Bitcoin (BTC) and deposit them into your cryptocurrency wallet.

Complete Guide to Withdrawing Bitcoin (BTC) from Honeygain Payout

Here are the seven (7) steps to do so.

1) Minimum Payout Amount

Login to your Honeygain dashboard, and you can see your current balance.

Ensure you have met the minimum Honeygain withdrawal amount of at least USD 20.

2) Request Payout


Once you see the <Request payout> button light up, you know you are eligible for a payout. Click on it to go to the next step.

3) Choose Payout Options


You have the choice of any of these three (3) payout methods;

1Paypal15% transaction fee
2JumpToken (JMPT)No transaction fee
3Bitcoin (BTC) 7% Transaction fee

This article will go for the Bitcoin (BTC) payout method.

Should you go for JumpToken (JMPT) payout?

It depends on your personal needs. At the time of this writing, JMPT has a market value of about USD 2.20. The coin is currently trading only at PancakeSwap, a decentralized exchange. If you need to exchange it for another coin, you must register and deposit your JMPT at the exchange. The coin only began trading in January 2022. If you are OK with only one exchange supporting it and believe the coin has a future, you can choose it for your payout method.

4) Provide your BTC Wallet Key


You will be asked to provide your Bitcoin wallet key in this step. This is also known as your Bitcoin wallet address.

You provide your Bitcoin wallet key to Honeygain, and it will take approximately five (5) business days to process and have the BTC amount deposited into your crypto wallet.

If you use software, hardware or a web-based (cryptocurrency exchange) crypto wallet, navigate to your Bitcoin wallet and get your Bitcoin deposit address. This will be the address you will copy and paste to Honeygain. This is the wallet key that Honeygain wants.

5) Security Check


A six (6) digit verification code will be sent to your email address. This is the same email address you used to register for the Honeygain app.

This step is required to ensure you are the same person initiating the withdrawal.

6) BTC Payout on the way

Once all is done, you will see this message that says the equivalent of your BTC value in USD dollars will be sent to your cryptocurrency wallet in approximately five (5) business days. From our previous withdrawal experiences using Honeygain, this is, in fact, true and accurate.

Just before you receive the BTC in your wallet (after a few days), you will get an email from Honeygain on that day, telling you that the BTC funds are on their way.

In your Honeygain dashboard under <Transactions history>, you should see a green icon saying that your payout is successful. This is to verify your withdrawal amount is accurate.


7) BTC Successfully Deposited

You will receive the exact BTC amount in your crypto wallet. The BTC is deposited into a Houbi exchange wallet address in this case.


On the same day, you will also receive a confirmation email from Honeygain, saying that the BTC amount has been successfully deposited into your crypto wallet.



Withdrawing your Honeygain earnings via Bitcoin (BTC) is simple and easy to perform from the honeygain dashboard. First, you need to choose BTC payout, provide your Bitcoin wallet address, and wait a few days for it to process your transaction.

Get a FREE UPFRONT USD $5 value in your Honeygain account when you start installing and using the honeygain app. It is indeed a passive way of earning side income by sharing your extra internet bandwidth.

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