How Much BAT Rewards Can You EARN With Brave Browser (2024)


I have been using the Brave browser since 2019, when it was launched in the early beginning. Back then, it was a new concept for users to surf the web and combine the idea of earning cryptocurrency (BAT).

If you are wondering, the Brave browser does not use your device and the browser to mine for cryptocurrency. This is not true. You can opt-in to indicate that you accept privacy-respecting Brave ads to be delivered to your device in return for the chance to earn its cryptocurrency token called the Basic Attention Token (BAT).

How Much BAT Token rewards can you EARN with Brave Browser?

In this post, I will show you, on average, how much money you can expect to be getting by using the Brave browser and the different factors that can affect your earnings.

So how much can you expect to earn from using the Brave browser by watching Brave ads?

Depending on factors such as your physical location and your browser usage, the average Brave user from the USA can expect an average of 110 Brave ads in a span of 30-days for a daily 2 hours of usage of the Brave browser on the Ads Settings of 10 ads per hour. This will result in an estimated earning of 2.0 BAT rewards.

How many Brave ads can I receive in a month?

Here’s the screenshot proof of Brave ads I received in a single month, based on ten (10) ads per hour settings. From my count, it was a total of 110 Brave ads for me on that particular month.


How much BAT rewards can I earn in a month?

The average amount of BAT rewards I usually get from Brave is about two (2) BAT per month for viewing ads. There are certain months where the BAT payout is more; of course, there will be months when it goes below 2 BAT. Therefore on average, it is about two (2) BAT.


How much is ONE (1) BAT worth?

You can use either CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko to check the latest USD price of one BAT token.

At the point of writing this article, one (1) BAT is worth approximately USD 1.20.

BAT is also widely traded in cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, FTC, Huobi Global and KuCoin.

What are the factors affecting your Brave earnings?

The following factors will affect how much you can make and earn BAT rewards using the Brave browser;

  • Your physical location
  • Your Brave usage
  • The type of content you visit
  • The number of devices used
  • The different types of devices used
  • Your Brave Settings
  • Becoming a Brave Creator

1. Your physical location

Brave ads run on active campaigns, depending on where you are located. Some countries will have high active ads, meaning publishers willing to pay to get your attention. These top-paying countries are the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.

If you are not from these top active ads campaign-supported countries, you can still use a reliable and tested VPN service like ProtonVPN, NordVPN and ExpressVPN to connect to these countries and receive Brave ads from that country. In this way, you get more ads, and in return, you get more BAT rewards.

2. Your Brave usage

The longer you spend your time using the Brave browser, the more ads you will eventually see.

Consider making Brave your default web browser. In this way, you can always use it for your daily web surfing activities. In addition, any other external links you click will also be automatically opened with Brave. In short, you increase your time usage with the Brave browser.

3. The type of content you surf

The wide variety of web content you surf online can help you receive more ads from different publishers.

My observations of Brave ads are mainly cryptocurrency, finance, and games-related genres. This is likely because I tend to read and visit sites containing these topics of interest.

So increase your scope of web content topics, including reading news articles, to get more ads from different publishers.

4. The number of devices used

Realistically speaking, most of us use a handful of devices, not only our mobile devices. It can also be a tablet, a home computer, a gaming laptop, a spare mobile device, etc.

Installing and using Brave on multiple devices can vastly increase your chance of receiving more Brave ads, though you still need to use them for your web surfing activities.

5. The different types of devices used

Brave ads work differently on computers and mobile devices. From my own experience using Brave for years, I earned more BAT rewards using my Macbook than my Android mobile device.

If possible, install Brave on various operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, etc.) and see which one pays out more.

6. Your Brave Settings

  • Your specified maximum number of ads allowed (e.g. 10 ads per hour) determines your potential earnings. Select the highest if possible.
  • Your BAT contribution ratio should be adjusted to your needs (e.g. turn off auto-contribution if you want to accumulate more BAT).
  • If the option <Show Ads when Brave is not in use> is turned ON. You have a higher chance of earning more BAT.
  • If you keep the Brave browser open and running in the background, Brave ads can get delivered to your device.

7. Becoming a Brave Creator

When you become a verified Brave Creator, Brave users worldwide can TIP you in the form of BAT rewards when they like your web content. You must be a content creator on the following platforms; Youtube, Twitch, your own website/blog, or you have your publication.

For example, you have a fashion blog, and you include it on your Brave Creator account and indicate that you allow Brave ads to be delivered to those Brave visitors. Brave users can TIP your BAT rewards in this way when they like your content.

This is entirely different from watching Brave ads and earning BAT rewards.


We all use our web browsers to surf the web for our daily activities. Brave is a unique web browser that offers a chance to earn BAT rewards via watching non-intrusive and privacy-respecting ads.

I had been using Brave on my current Apple MacBook for at least two (2) years and seldom had any intrusive ads appearing on my screen while I was using it. Yet, I continue to earn BAT consistently every month. I had also installed it on my two (2) other mobile devices. Of course, the earnings are not as good as the laptop, but they still generate certain BAT rewards every month.

The future of the Brave browser is bright. In the first week of January 2022, Brave published a post stating over 50 million monthly active Brave users worldwide. Brave is a continuing browser in progress with constant performance tweaks. The price of BAT will also likely be stable, with the possibility of growth in the future.

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