[Explained] How to Mine & Get BAT token – Brave browser


The Brave web browser allows users to earn their own form of cryptocurrency called Basic Attention Token (BAT) every month by viewing privacy-respecting Brave ads.

Since its introduction in January 2018, the price of BAT has been growing steadily and showing good signs of strength and support. At the time of this article, the price of one (1) BAT was over USD 1.

How to Mine & Get BAT token

Since BAT is a cryptocurrency, can I mine it using my computer and mobile device? Unfortunately, the short answer is no.

There is no mining involved when it comes to BAT. The Brave browser is not using your device’s computing power to perform any Proof of Work (PoW) mining algorithm. In addition, brave does not engage in any form of web browser mining activities. You receive BAT rewards from Brave because you agree to watch Brave privacy-respecting ads, or you sign up as a verified Brave Creator so that you can receive BAT tips from other Brave browser users who like your web content.

So what are the different ways to get more BAT tokens? The following methods below will show you how.

Method 1: Earn BAT by viewing Brave Ads

You use the Brave browser, preferably on as many devices as you use, for your daily web surfing activities, and you turn on Brave ads. In this way, you can earn BAT every month. How much BAT you will make is based on several factors, such as your Brave settings, configurations and methods.

Method 2: Earn BAT by becoming a Brave Creator

You sign up as a verified Brave Creator by providing your channel URL from the following supported platforms; Youtube, Twitch, your own website/blog or through your own publications.

After which, whenever Brave users visit your web content, they can choose to TIP you with BAT if they want, and this is how you can earn more BAT.

Method 3: Mine for altcoins and swap for BAT

Although BAT cannot be mined, there are some workarounds if you still prefer to mine with your existing hardware or cloud rig. For example, mining services like unMineable and Cudo Miner offer users the choice to mine for Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Monero and Ravencoin, in exchange for the cryptocurrency of their choice, e.g. BAT. This technique is basically swapping between different cryptos.

Use only this mining method when you already have a mining rig and are familiar with various mining techniques. Keep in mind that this is likely a prolonged process to mine for any cryptocurrency these days.

Method 4: Buy BAT from crypto exchanges

This is, by far, the fastest and most convenient way to get BAT for yourself. Moreover, you can buy BAT from almost any major cryptocurrency exchange because Brave has a large consumer base growing steadily every year. For example, in recent news, Brave had just passed a milestone of having over 50 million Brave users every month.

Buy BAT from more prominent exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, FTX, Kraken and Huobi Global because they have a larger trading volume, resulting in more buyers and sellers as you may get a more competitive market price there.

Registration is free and quick for those who do not have an account with the above exchanges. However, you may have to provide more personal information about yourself, such as a passport number or a picture of yourself holding your identity card. These are standard “Know-your-Customer” (KYC) practices for crypto exchanges to comply with the AML regulations in the country it operates in.

Once you buy BAT, you can choose to store it inside the exchange for you. This is the practice for most people as it is convenient and reasonably secure. However, crypto exchanges may get hacked from time to time, as you may have read in the news over the past decade.

If you want to store BAT long-term, consider getting a hardware wallet like Trezor and Ledger. They cost between $100 and $200 and are the most secure wallet you can get. However, suppose the quantity and amount of your BAT and other cryptocurrencies are not yet worth buying a physical wallet; in that case, you should get a free and secure software-based crypto wallet such as Exodus and MyCelium.

Suppose you are looking to store BAT for the short-term and mostly looking at buying/selling/swapping BAT with other cryptocurrencies. Leaving them in the exchange is a more timely decision, as you can easily perform trades occasionally.

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Users cannot mine brave BAT rewards. BAT is given to its browser users who get paid for viewing privacy-respecting Brave ads. There is no airdrops or referral program currently associated with BAT.

Another way to earn BAT is to be a Brave Creator who gets tipped by Brave users who enjoy your web content.

There are alternative ways to “mine” for BAT, using the concept of mining GPU/CPU coins and then swapping them into BAT tokens. However, this is definitely at a much slower pace than the other methods stated in this article.

The best (and fastest) way is to buy BAT from crypto exchanges like Coinbase and Gemini and store it inside there for future trading purposes.

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