11 Ways to Increase and Get More Brave (BAT) Rewards


You can enable Brave ads and earn yourself BAT tokens when you surf the web using the Brave web browser.

Basic Attention Token (BAT) can be easily traded and exchanged into Bitcoin (BTC) and other altcoins via cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase and Huobi.

How to increase and earn more BAT tokens using the Brave browser?

Here are the eleven (11) proven ways to do so.

1. Keep Brave running in the background

Brave ads get delivered to you when your Brave browser is running. Therefore, you should always keep Brave open and running in the background.

Lock the browser app in the background to prevent accidental closure, especially on mobile devices.

2. Make sure Brave Rewards is turned ON

On your mobile device, go to <Settings>, <Brave Rewards> and turn ON <Show Ads when Brave is not in use>.

On your computer device, go to <Settings>, <Brave Rewards> and turn ON <Brave private ads>.

3. Set Max Ads display

Set your <Maximum number of ads displayed> settings to be ten (10) ads per hour. This is currently the maximum allowed at this point.

4. Configure BAT contributions

If you intend to accumulate more BAT tokens, then you will want to configure your values for <Auto-Contribute>, <Monthly Contributions> and <Tips> accordingly. Reduce these values so you can keep most of your BAT tokens and still contribute to the BAT ecosystem.

5. Turn ON Brave News

Many Brave users have success when the in-built feature of Brave News is enabled.

To do this, open a new blank tab window, scroll to the bottom, and you will see <Customise>. Click on it, go to <Brave News>, and toggle ON <Show Brave News>.

6. Turn ON Brave Notifications

This only applies to mobile devices. 

Go to <Settings>, <Notifications> and turned ON <All “Brave Ads” notifications>.

You will receive Brave Ads notifications when pushed to your mobile device. This is especially useful when you click on them occasionally. 

Please see Step 8 on how to do so.

7. Click on Ads occasionally

If you have Step 7 enabled, you will start to receive Brave ads notifications from time to time. These notifications are non-intrusive and do not pop up.

It is helpful to “interact” with these ads to show the Brave browser that you are giving them attention, and it promotes more ads delivered to your mobile device.

Occasionally click on these ads and close them once they load up successfully. The primary purpose here is user interaction.

8. Set Brave as your default web browser

The more frequent you use the Brave browser for your daily surfing activities, the more ads you will encounter and the higher chance of getting more BAT rewards.

Set your default web browser to Brave browser so that every link you click will automatically be opened with Brave, thus maximising every opportunity for utilising the web browser for all daily usage.

9. Use on a variety of different devices

Increase your chances of accumulating more BAT rewards by installing the Brave browser on all your digital devices.

Also be even better to try on a mixture of desktop and mobile devices, including different operating systems like Brave on a macOS device.

Different type of device often results in different Brave rewards payouts.

10. Consider installing Brave (Beta) and Brave (Nightly)

On mobile devices, you can install Brave Browser (Beta) and Brave Browser (Nightly).

Both installations allow you the chance to earn BAT tokens, so it is advisable to install them both alongside the official Brave release version that you already have.

There are instances whereby one version of Brave browser is not receiving any ads or having problems claiming BAT rewards, the other version of Brave browser may come in handy.

Brave (Beta) is the early preview before the official release of the Brave version. The beta version includes the latest features and advancements, and it is safe to use with feedback channels available.

Brave (Nightly) is the testing and development web browser that may contain several bugs and result in data loss. Therefore, this is not the web browser to use if you want a stable browser to save your passwords and engage in secure connections such as banking facilities. However, if you are merely using it to read online news and search for general information on the web, yes, you can always use the Brave (Nightly) version.

11. Your Location and Connection

Brave ads depend primarily on where you are (your location). So if you are not in a favourable country where most active ads are, you can overcome this with a tested and reliable VPN service.

According to the official Brave Transparency page, ads are supported in most countries. The top-ranking countries like the USA have 47 active campaigns; the UK has 39 active campaigns; Canada has 37 active campaigns, etc.

We have tested all three (3) versions of Brave (i.e. official, beta and nightly) using VPN services, and we conclude that we can get Brave Ads served to us constantly.

We have tested the following VPN services with regards to their ability to receive Brave ads and BAT tokens successfully without any problems encountered;

  • ProtonVPN
  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN

If you are not from the USA and hope to enjoy the active ads coming from that country, you can use any of these VPN services to connect to a USA VPN server and start using your Brave browser using that USA IP address. You will still get BAT tokens in this manner.


Using the Brave web browser while surfing the web is an excellent way to earn some BAT tokens. BAT has a particular market value, and you can check its latest market price on CoinMarketCap.

Brave ads are non-intrusive; they do not pop out and can be disabled anytime from your Settings.

The web browser is considered fast and responsive for everyday surfing use, and it is based on the open-source Chromium code by Google.

Many cryptocurrency wallets support the storage of Brave BAT tokens. If you prefer trading, you will find it more convenient to store your BAT in crypto exchanges where you can easily buy and sell within the platform. Keeping them in secured crypto wallets is essential if you prefer to hold BAT for the long term.

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