Should You Choose JumpToken (JMPT) Payout in Honeygain?


You have a choice of withdrawing your Honeygain earnings in the form of Paypal (USD deposit), Bitcoin (BTC) and JumpToken (JMPT).

Should you go for JMPT since the transaction fee is zero?


This article will help you analyze all the information you need to know before making your choice.

Should You Choose JumpToken (JMPT) payout in Honeygain?

Here are the factors you should consider;

Background of JumpToken

JumpTask created JumpToken (JMPT). This gig economy-based marketplace allows companies and organizations to make the most out of the collective skills possessed by a globally dispersed workforce.

JMPT is a utility token based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) technology, and its role is to fuel the transactions on the JumpTask platform that will enable people around the world to not just earn money on a remote basis with minimal transaction costs but also explore the cryptocurrency world without having to risk their fiat savings.

On the same day it was listed on the crypto market, 14 January 2022, Honeygain announced their partnership with JumpTask to allow users to withdraw their earnings through JMPT as a form of payout option.

Total Supply of JMPT

JumpToken has a fixed supply of 100,000,000 JMPT. This is the maximum of One Hundred Million JumpTokens. Currently, only 1.3 million JMPT are circulating in the market.

Price Analysis of JumpToken (JMPT)

JumpToken was listed in the market on 14 January 2022, beginning at a price of about USD 2.24.

Based on the next 30 days of price movement until 14 February 2022, JMPT achieved an All-Time High of USD 2.38 and an All-Time Low of USD 2.07.


Exchange Support for JumpToken (JMPT)

Currently, only one (1) cryptocurrency exchange, PancakeSwap, supports the buying, selling, and trading of JumpToken (JMPT).

How to choose JMPT as Honeygain Payout Option

Make sure you meet the minimum withdrawal threshold of USD 20 in your Honeygain balance and click [Request Payout].

Select [JMPT} as your payout option and enter your deposit address in the [wallet key] field box.

At the time of this writing, JumpToken (JMPT) can be bought and deposited at the PancakeSwap crypto exchange. So you create an account there, and you will have your own JMPT deposit address. Then, copy and paste it to Honeygain under the [wallet key] field box.

You will receive your JumpTokens within five (5) business days.


It depends on your view of JumpToken’s future in terms of its project and price forecast. Currently, only one (1) crypto exchange is supporting it, and it can be difficult to begin trading on this coin.

However, the price range of USD 2 per coin is attractive enough if you believe in the project’s long-term future.

Choose JMPT as your Honeygain payout option if you want to hold JMPT long-term and can afford to wait.

Choose Paypal (USD deposit) as your payout option if you want to cash out your Honeygain earnings.

Of course, you can choose Bitcoin (BTC) if you want to hold BTC or swap it easily with other altcoins.

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