How to Earn Money Using Honeygain [Bitcoin & Paypal payout]


A truly automated passive income way of earning money on the side.

Install the Honeygain app;
Share your unused WiFi or mobile data (configurable) and;
Start earning in the form of USD, Bitcoin or Jumptokens

What is Honeygain

Imagine you can sell your monthly unused mobile data in return for money. Or you can share your residential WiFi connection while surfing the web and earn passive income from it.

Yes, this is made possible with the Honeygain app.

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in New York, USA, the Honeygain app supports installation on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Linux devices.

The app runs silently in the background of your device, using very minimal resources. In addition, the app facilitates proxy services to third parties, such as data scientists, Fortune 500, and other trustworthy companies, to extract insights from the web such as market research, ad-fraud prevention, brand protection and many others.

How to make money using the Honeygain app

By sharing your unused idle internet connection from your mobile and desktop devices, you are helping companies with their research and generating automated passive income for yourself.

How does Honeygain calculate your earnings?

For typical mobile and desktop devices, your earnings are calculated this way;

  • Sharing 10MB of web traffic = 3 credits earned (USD 0.003)
  • Sharing 10,000MB (10GB) = 3,000 credits earned (USD $3)

For desktop devices with Content Delivery (CD) enabled, your earnings are;

  • Sharing one (1) hour of active CD = 6 credits earned (USD 0.006)

To maximise & increase your Honeygain earnings daily, you can consider doing any (if not all) of the following;

  • Start Honeygain with a FREE USD $5 in your account balance by installing here.
  • Install on both desktop and mobile devices. The more devices you have Honeygain installed, the more data connection you can share and earn.
  • Keep Honeygain running in the background, especially on mobile devices that can be 24/7.
  • Enable Content Delivery (only applicable for desktop devices on WiFi connection)
  • Open Honeygain once a day to claim the Lucky Pot credits, which add to your overall balance.

Installing Honeygain app

Honeygain supports most operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Linux (Docker).

Start earning with a FREE upfront USD $5 in your new Honeygain account and install it on devices with Internet access.

The app runs silently in the background and uses very few resources.

At any given time under the app <Settings>, you can always set the mobile data limit of your choice (e.g. 10GB every month) when you are using it on a mobile phone. Once the limit is reached, the app will automatically restrict itself from using any more mobile data.

There are other features you can turn on under <Settings> as well, such as Content Delivery (on desktop devices only), disabling battery savings, allowing usage on battery, etc.

Choose your withdrawal method


To be eligible for a payout, your Honeygain account balance must have a minimum withdrawal amount of USD $20, which is relatively easy when you do it correctly.

Honeygain offers payout in three (3) methods; USD via Paypal, convert to cryptocurrency using Bitcoin (BTC) or JumpToken (JMPT).

Depending on your withdrawal method, the transactions fee involved are;

  • 15% transaction fee when using Paypal
  • 7% transaction fee when using Bitcoin (BTC)
  • No transaction fee when using JumpToken (JMPT)

Payout in Bitcoin (BTC) or JumpToken (JMPT)

Payout in Bitcoin (BTC) is among the most popular way of withdrawing your Honeygain earnings, followed by Paypal (which is in USD dollars) and lastly, in the form of JumpTokens (JMPT).

For withdrawal in Bitcoin (BTC), you need to incur a 7% transaction fee imposed by Honeygain and used to pay to the Bitcoin network.

JumpToken is a new token launched in January 2022 and is used to fuel JumpTask, a marketplace that allows companies to make collective skills possessed by a globally dispersed workplace.

For BTC and JMPT, you will need to provide their wallet address. You can use any of these safe & reliable wallet service providers below;

Crypto Exchanges

Payout in USD using Paypal

A straightforward way of withdrawing USD dollars into your existing Paypal account.

You can sign up free at their official Paypal website if you do not have a Paypal account. However, if you are an eligible U.S account holder, you can buy, store and sell cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum directly with Paypal.

Processing Time


Honeygain withdrawal and payout process usually takes less than five (5) business days.

For example, a recent Paypal withdrawal request was made on 5th August 2022, and the amount was deposited into the Paypal account on 8th August 2022. This took only three (3) days of processing.

In our previous experience using Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawal, it took exactly five (5) business working days for the BTC to reach our cryptocurrency wallet.

Receiving Payout

If you choose the Paypal method, you will see a deposit from Swarmbytes Inc with a description stating it is a Honeygain payout.

Paypal Method showing Honeygain payout

If you chose BTC or JMPT payout, log into your cryptocurrency exchange and see the deposit amount.


Get a FREE upfront USD $5 in your Honeygain balance and start earning by installing it on your mobile and desktop devices.

When you share your mobile data, you can always configure it anytime under the <Settings> menu. For residential WiFi connections, there is no need to limit the sharing as there are usually no data caps imposed by your Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

The Honeygain app is an automated way of earning passive income since it is an “install once & start earning” application. Users do not have to interact with the app as it runs in the background.

Honeygain has proven reliable in paying out USD and Bitcoin to its users, and you should start by giving it a try. Consider this as a fully automated way of earning passive income for yourself by sharing your un-use idle internet connection.

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