How to Earn & Stake Crypto using the KeepKey hardware wallet


You can earn crypto rewards by staking your crypto assets using the KeepKey hardware wallet.

When you are using the KeepKey wallet, there are ways to do so.

How to Stake Crypto & Earn Rewards using the KeepKey wallet

Here are the two (2) methods to do so.

Method 1. KeepKey built-in Fox Farming


KeepKey has a built-in farming feature in its hardware wallet that allows users to add liquidity using its own FOX tokens or using Ethereum (ETH). You need to connect your KeepKey wallet to UniSwap to begin FOX/ETH farming.


To add liquidity, connect your KeepKey to UniSwap and select <Provide Liquidity>. Next, enter the amount of FOX/ETH you like to add and click <Approve>. Once the liquidity tokens are in UniSwap, you can begin the staking process by clicking on <Stake Now>. Your staking rewards are automatically rewarded to your balance.

Method 2. Integration with Yearn Finance

When you use the Keepkey wallet, you can use ShapeShift’s Dapp, which has integrated with Yearn Finance to allow users to earn passive income by staking their crypto assets.

To start crypto staking, connect your KeepKey wallet to the Shapeshift Dapp. Select <DeFi> and <Earn>. Choose the crypto asset to stake and enter the amount for staking.

That is all you need to do to earn passive automotive income with crypto staking.

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