How to Transfer & Deposit Brave (BAT) to Coinbase wallet?


You have some Basic Attention Token (BAT), probably from using the Brave web browser and activating the option of viewing Brave ads. Now you want to store them and trade them in the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange.

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How to Transfer & Deposit Brave (BAT) to Coinbase wallet?

So how do I transfer my BAT balance to my Coinbase wallet?

Firstly you need to verify your Brave Rewards wallet and open an Uphold or Gemini account if you have not done so. Once done, all your BAT balance will be stored there. Next, withdraw your desired BAT amount and transfer it to your Coinbase deposit address.

This article will show you how to perform these steps.

Coinbase support for BAT

Coinbase supports the sending, receiving and trading of the BAT token. All regions of Coinbase customers, except for Japan, are eligible to trade BAT. For trading pairs, the options are BAT/USDT, BAT/BTC and BAT/USDC.

A total of 35 network confirmations are needed for Coinbase to confirm the deposit and withdrawal of BAT transactions. BAT is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain.

The minimum BAT withdrawal allowed in Coinbase is 0.01 BAT, whereas the maximum withdrawal allowed is 15,000,000 (15 million).

Step 1: Verify your Brave Rewards wallet


Open the Brave browser and click on the red triangle icon on the address bar (right-hand side). You will see your Brave Rewards wallet (similar to the image above). This is a temporary wallet stored inside your web browser. If there are technical issues with your device or browser, you can quickly lose all your BAT balances. The only way to gain full custody of your BAT is to verify and store them in a crypto exchange.

When you see the word “Verify Wallet” (see image above), you must follow the on-screen steps to open an Uphold or Gemini cryptocurrency exchange account. So go ahead and proceed with the verification process as guided by Brave.

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Step 2: Log in to Coinbase

Log in to your Coinbase account. Register for one if you have not done so. Coinbase may require identity verification using either passport, identity card or driver’s license. The verification process usually takes one business day.

On the left-hand column, click on Deposit under the Wallet Balance menu—select Basic Attention Token (BAT) under the Currency Type field. You will now see your BAT deposit address. Copy this address and use it in Step 3.

Coinbase has provided its complete list of supported cryptocurrencies on its webpage and currently supports over 50 different cryptos.

Step 3: Transfer to Coinbase

Returning to Uphold or Gemini, where your BAT is, withdraw your desired amount and paste the Coinbase BAT wallet address there.

Below is the image of the Gemini withdrawal page of BAT, and you need to paste the Coinbase BAT wallet address under the “Transfer to” field.


Wait for 10-20 minutes, and you should see the BAT amount deposited in your Coinbase BAT wallet.

That is all. Your BAT is now successfully transferred to your Coinbase wallet.

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