How to Transfer Crypto from Huobi to another Exchange / Wallet


Need to move your cryptocurrency funds from Huobi to another place?

Depending on your verification tier on Huobi, the withdrawal limit varies among Huobi users. The exchange platform generally supports the withdrawal of crypto funds to another exchange or most external wallets.

This article will demonstrate an actual withdrawal transaction from Huobi exchange to another exchange called KuCoin.

How to transfer cryptocurrency from Huobi to another crypto exchange or wallet?

Here are the six (6) steps to do so.

1. Login to Huobi Exchange

You will need to login into your Huobi account.

If you do not have one, you can easily create a free Huobi account.

2. Search for the Crypto to Withdraw

On the Huobi homepage, go to the <Balances> menu on the top right-hand side and select <Spot/Exchange Account – Deposit & withdraw) from the dropdown list.

You can find your cryptocurrency here using the search box by keying in the coin’s name or the ticker symbol.


Click <Withdraw> next to the cryptocurrency of your choice.

In this article, we will use Cardano (ADA) to withdraw from Huobi to KuCoin exchange.

3. Huobi Withdrawal Page

You will come to this page, where the selected cryptocurrency will be displayed.


Under the Withdrawal Detail section, you will need your Cardano (ADA) deposit address from KuCoin. This will be covered in Step 4.

If you use other exchanges besides KuCoin, ensure that you get the Cardano deposit address. The same goes for any software or hardware cryptocurrency wallet you intend to transfer to. For example, search for ADA and copy and paste the deposit address to Huobi.

4. Login to KuCoin or other exchanges/wallets

This article will use KuCoin exchange to transfer ADA from Huobi exchange.

Login to KuCoin, select the wallet icon on the top right-hand side of the homepage and click <Main Account>.

Search for your cryptocurrency by typing the name or ticker symbol into the search box on top.

Once you find it, click <Deposit> next to it.

Copy the deposit wallet address.


5. Finalize the Huobi Withdrawal Page

Paste the KuCoin deposit address on the Huobi withdrawal page (covered in Step 3).

Ensure all the transfer details, e.g. the amount and the network chain used, are correct.

Click <Withdraw> to start the transfer.

You will be asked to read through and agree with cryptocurrency transfer risk warnings. Then, tick the checkbox and click <Confirm>.

You will also be asked to provide an email verification code sent to your Huobi registered email address. Copy and paste that code as part of Huobi’s security authentication process.


6. Confirm your transfer is completed successfully

Depending on the cryptocurrency you are transferring, you will typically be required to wait between 5 to 20 minutes for the transaction to be completed.

Refresh the screen to see if the crypto funds have arrived in your exchange or wallet.

In KuCoin, go to your <Deposit & Withdrawal History> menu, and you will see your transaction under the <Deposit history> tab. Both processing and completed transactions are captured here. So make sure your transaction is listed here.

Alternatively, you can also check using Huobi.

Go to <Balances> menu, select <Spot/Exchange Account – deposit & withdraw) and click <History> on the far right-hand side of the screen.

Select the <Withdrawal History> tab, and you will see your withdrawal details here. Here, all pending and completed withdrawal transactions are listed. Please get in touch with the exchange support for technical assistance if your transaction is not shown here.

That is all. Once you see your transaction status as “Completed”, your crypto funds have been successfully transferred.

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