How to transfer & withdraw your Brave rewards (BAT) to PayPal


You have some Basic Attention Token (BAT) and want to transfer them to your Paypal account.

Can Brave BAT be directly withdrawn or transferred into Paypal?

No, there is no direct way of doing so. This feature is currently not yet supported by Brave. For Paypal they do not yet accept BAT as its cryptocurrency form. However, we can use some workaround methods, such as transferring BAT from one exchange to another and converting them into fiat currency like USD to be deposited into Paypal.

Depending on your preference and needs, there are two (2) methods that you can use.

This article’s two (2) methods will assume that you have not yet verified your Brave Rewards wallet. When you open your rewards wallet and see the word <verify wallet>, you have not yet verified your rewards wallet. Refer to the image below.

Brave Rewards wallet showing <Verify Wallet>

How to withdraw & transfer your Brave rewards (BAT) to Paypal

Here are the two (2) methods you can use to withdraw your Brave BAT rewards to your PayPal account.  

Method 1: To Gemini or Uphold > Coinbase > Withdraw to Paypal

Choose this method if you want;

  • fiat currency (e.g. USD, euros, etc.) to be deposited into your Paypal account.
  • You have fiat currency in your Paypal and want to transfer them into your Coinbase exchange account

Firstly, make sure you have at least 25 BAT to perform a withdrawal. This is the minimum requirement from Brave.

Go through the process of verifying your Brave Rewards wallet and choose Uphold or Gemini as your exchange. After that, you could sign up as a new account member if you had not yet done so. The whole process is easy and should be no more than 5 minutes.

Once verified, all your BAT balance will be automatically transferred to your Uphold or Gemini account.

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Now, we need to transfer your BAT to your Coinbase account.

Coinbase supports the sending, receiving and trading of BAT tokens.

You have to set up a free Coinbase exchange account if you have not yet done so. Once done, log into Coinbase and find your BAT deposit wallet address. Then, you will need to copy and paste it onto Gemini / Uphold withdrawal page.

Go to Gemini or Uphold, find your BAT withdrawal page and paste the Coinbase deposit wallet address. This will transfer your BAT into your Coinbase account. From there, you can trade BAT into USD inside Coinbase. You will need USD, so Paypal can use it once they are linked.

To link Coinbase to your Paypal account, select account Settings > Payment Methods > Link a New Account or Add a Payment Method (depending on whether you use a computer or mobile device). Then, choose Paypal from the list. When done, you will be required to log in to Paypal to complete the whole process.

Note: Paypal requires users to complete identity document verification before they allow linking to Paypal accounts.

You can now use the converted USD in your Paypal account. On the other hand, if you have USD in your Paypal account, you can transfer them into Coinbase, so you can use them to buy more BAT and other cryptocurrencies.

Choose this method if you want fiat currency (e.g. USD, euros, etc.) in your bank account and Paypal account. This can be done by linking your bank account with Paypal.

This method allows your bank account to behave like a “middleman” between Uphold exchange and Paypal.

Firstly you need to verify your Brave Rewards wallet on Uphold exchange. Do not choose Gemini here. Choose only Uphold exchange. Uphold allows the linking of supported local bank accounts to their exchange.

Next, link your bank account with Uphold. This will usually take a few business days of processing time. Uphold offers fiat withdrawal services in 35 countries.

Next, you link your Paypal account to your same bank account. Again, Paypal had a detailed guide on their website on how to do so.

Once done, you can trade BAT into USD in Uphold exchange and transfer the USD to your bank account, from which your Paypal account can also withdraw the money. If you are not staying in the USA, banks usually convert the USD to your local fiat currency.

If you wish to withdraw and transfer your BAT elsewhere besides Paypal, these articles below will be helpful;

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