5 Steps to Update Your Ledger Wallet to the LATEST Firmware

You have a Ledger Nano X/S hardware wallet device and are looking to store more cryptocurrencies; however, you realised that you need to update the wallet to the latest firmware version before actually using it.

Updating firmware is a MUST for cryptocurrency wallets.

There should be no compromise on this. This is a security matter and must be addressed immediately if you are a hardware wallet user. A hardware wallet with outdated firmware is exposing itself to security flaws.

How to update the Ledger Nano X/S to the latest Firmware version

This article will show you the five (5) quick and simple steps to update the firmware of your Ledger wallet device.

Step 1. Connect your Ledger device to Ledger Live

Download the Ledger Live desktop app if you haven’t. Open the app.

Connect your Ledger device to your computer via a USB connection. When you purchase your Ledger Nano X or S hardware wallet, it comes with a micro-USB to USB cable. Use this provided cable that is included in the box.

If the firmware version of your Ledger wallet is outdated, within the Ledger Live interface, it will show you the following message; <Update Firmware to x.x.x is available>

Click <Update firmware> to continue the process.

Ledger Live shows that a new firmware update is available.

Step 2. Confirm Firmware Update

You will see this message (below image) that reminds you that you should have your 24-word recovery phrase with you securely; in case the firmware update encounters any technical problem, there is a possibility that it might corrupt your hardware wallet.

Although the risk is minimal, it is always good to check if you still have your 24-word recovery phrase from Ledger. This is provided to you by the Ledger device when you first set up your Ledger wallet for the first time.

Click <Continue>.

Ledger Live requesting confirmation to update firmware

Step 3. On Ledger Live – Display the Firmware identifier

Ledger Live will show you a long string of alphanumeric characters and ask you to verify them against what is shown on your Ledger wallet device.

This long string of characters is the firmware identifier.

The characters on the Ledger Live and your Ledger Nano X/S device MUST MATCH.

This ensures that you are getting the correct firmware and that no man-in-the-middle attack or malicious code is being introduced to your device. Please abort and restart the update if the firmware identifier does not match.

Ledger Live showing firmware identifier

Step 4. On Ledger Nano X/S device – Verify the Firmware Identifier

Ledger Nano X wallet device showing firmware identifier

The firmware identifier will also be shown on your device screen on your Ledger device.

Check the long string of characters to be the same as the one shown in the Ledger Live interface. Once confirmed, confirm it on your Ledger device by pressing both buttons (left side and right side buttons).

Step 5. Firmware updated successfully

At this last step, your Ledger Live interface will show you that the firmware has been updated successfully. You can now start using your updated Ledger wallet.

Ledger Liver showing firmware is successfully updated.

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