Why is Bitcoin called BTC and its abbreviation meaning


BTC is the abbreviation of the word “Bitcoin” and has since been widely accepted and adopted in mainstream media as well as in publications.

BTC is also the ticker symbol of Bitcoin. A ticker symbol is the unique combination of English alphabet letters, usually between 3-letters to 5-letters long, and is assigned to stocks and cryptocurrencies to differentiate them in exchanges.

For example, Bitcoin’s ticker symbol is <BTC>, while Dogecoin’s ticker symbol is <DOGE>, Polygon is <MATIC> and so on.

Ticker symbols are important to traders as new stocks or cryptocurrencies may share similar names. The unique symbols will clearly differentiate them. For example, some of the cryptos identical to Bitcoin (BTC) are Bitcoin Cash <BCH>, Bitcoin Gold <BTG> and Bitcoin SV <BSV>.

Fun Facts

The creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, did not refer to Bitcoin in his whitepaper as BTC when it was published on October 31, 2008. Furthermore, Satoshi did not use the word BTC in the forum (BitcoinTalk.org), where he actively participated.

BTC is not to be confused with other BTC abbreviations like “Behind-the-Counter” or “Because They Can”.

The technology behind Bitcoin (BTC) is the blockchain. One can easily query the blockchain because it is a type of public database. Many free blockchain explorers and commercial blockchain analytics tools can pull out the data and display all transactions you need.

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