How to Withdraw your Brave (BAT) rewards to Gemini exchange


You start accumulating more Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) inside your Brave browser, and it is now time to deposit them elsewhere.

BAT is a form of cryptocurrency introduced by the Brave browser for rewarding you when you watch Brave ads while surfing the web for your daily activities.

Currently, there is only one (1) way to withdraw your BAT out from your browser: deposit them into Uphold or Gemini exchange.

** Uphold and Gemini are similar and can be classified as cryptocurrency exchanges. Some advantages include keeping your BAT deposited there securely, sending BAT to anyone, receiving BAT from anyone, or even swapping them into USD or other altcoins.

The steps are best achieved using a desktop computer, especially the Uphold or Gemini account registration.

How to Withdraw your Brave (BAT) rewards to Gemini exchange

This article will show you how to withdraw your BAT to your Gemini account.

Withdrawal Requirements for BAT

  • You must have at least 25 BAT on your Brave Rewards wallet.
  • You must register and verify either your Uphold or Gemini wallet account.

Step 1: Verify your Brave Rewards wallet

Open Brave browser and click on the red-coloured triangle icon on your address bar to bring up the Brave Rewards menu.

Make sure that you have at least 25 BAT to withdraw your BAT. This is the minimum withdrawal requirement set by Brave.

Brave Rewards menu

Click on the <Verify Wallet> link on top, and you will see the following message shown below.

Verifying your Brave Rewards wallet has more advantages, including withdrawing your BAT balance.

It explains that the default brave rewards wallet is limited in features. If you wish to withdraw or deposit your BAT, you must link it to an Uphold or Gemini verified account. Once verified, your future BAT rewards will be directly deposited into your account. When you click <Continue>, the next few steps will assist you in creating your Uphold or Gemini account.

Click <Continue> to move on.

Step 2: Choosing your Wallet Service


If you want to trade BAT in an exchange with a wide variety of other cryptocurrencies, choose Gemini. You can swap BAT, for example, into Bitcoin (BTC) or Cardano (ADA) there. In addition, if Gemini supports your local bank account for fiat (cash) deposits, you can deposit fiat from your bank to Gemini. Alternatively, you can also “cash out” from Gemini to your bank account (after selling your BAT for USD).

If you plan to store BAT for long-term holding, deposit them into a secure wallet like Trezor and Ledger, and then you can choose either one. There is not much difference since you will be transferring your BAT out once this is done.

Step 3: Create a Gemini account

You can log in and complete the wallet verifying process if you are an existing Gemini customer. If not, you can register for a new Gemini account.

You may be asked to provide certain personal information, e.g. your passport number, a photo of yourself holding your identity card, etc., by Uphold and Gemini (not Brave). This is a common practice introduced by many cryptocurrency exchanges and is part of the broader <know your customer> KYC compliance rules put in place to ensure anti-money laundering efforts are followed in many countries.

Verify your Brave Rewards wallet first, and do all these steps on a desktop computer safer.

Step 4: Ensure your BAT is deposited correctly

Once logged in to your Gemini account, go to the <Account balances and history> page, and you will see the exact amount of BAT under the <Quantity> column. It must be the same as your previous brave rewards wallet balance.


Since Gemini is now linked to your Brave browser, all your future BAT will be automatically deposited into your Gemini account. Gemini is holding on to all your BAT and behaves like a crypto wallet for you.

Optional: Withdraw BAT to your own crypto wallet

There is a feature called <Transfer funds> within your Gemini account. This is where you can withdraw your BAT to another cryptocurrency wallet of your choice. This can be another exchange, a software wallet or a hardware wallet.

Specify your BAT amount and destination wallet address


So this is how you can successfully withdraw your BAT balance from your Brave browser into the Gemini exchange. The entire process allows you to sign up for an Uphold or Gemini account. However, once your BAT is deposited there, you can always quickly transfer them onto another wallet of your choice. You can also use the official Brave Wallet built inside the web browser.

Using crypto exchanges to store and trade BAT and other cryptocurrencies is very convenient, and a popular choice for many, the primary consideration here is your account security. Make sure you enable 2FA and use a unique and robust password. Keep those passwords safe, preferably on a piece of paper, carefully stored most times. Passwords kept in the cloud (e.g. Google Drive) and locally on your device are prone to cyber attacks, thefts and data recovery problems.

Always store your crypto assets in both exchanges, such as Gemini and keep your long-term crypto portfolio holdings in a hardware crypto wallet.

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