How to Withdraw Brave (BAT) rewards to Binance [GUIDE]


You have accumulated the Basic Attention Token (BAT) in your Brave web browser and want to deposit them into your Binance account. Unfortunately, there is no direct way to do this, as Brave only allows BAT to be withdrawn into Uphold or Gemini.

However, this article will show you a workaround way to do this.

So how does this process works?

The process involves transferring your current BAT balance residing in your Brave browser to Gemini or Uphold exchange and performing both a withdrawal from Gemini and a deposit into your Binance account.

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How can I withdraw Brave (BAT) rewards to the Binance exchange?

Here are the four (4) simple steps.

Step 1: Check your eligibility

You must have at least 25 BAT in your Brave Rewards wallet (see image below) to withdraw it. This is the minimum requirement set by Brave.

Screenshot of a Brave Reward wallet showing BAT balance

Step 2: Verify your Brave Rewards wallet

The BAT inside your Brave Rewards wallet is like a temporary holding place. You cannot gain full custody of it unless you verify it on Uphold or Gemini crypto exchange. Brave supports these two (2) exchanges.

Click on Verify and continue the whole process as instructed. Your BAT will be transferred to the exchange of your choice after completing the set-up process.

Here is the guide on how to verify your Brave Rewards wallet in the Gemini exchange.

Step 3: Log in to Binance

You need to;

If you do not have a Binance account at this point, you can always create one right away.

Go to Wallet > Fiat and Spot (Deposit & Withdraw) > Search for “BAT” > click on “Deposit“.


For Network, you can select either;

  • BNB (Binance Chain – BEP2)
  • BSC (Binance Smartt Chain – BEP20)
  • ETH (Ethereum – ERC20)

Choose ETH in this case for direct deposit purposes.

You will see your BAT deposit address. You will need to copy and paste this deposit address to Gemini later.

Step 4: Log in to Gemini

You need to perform two (2) tasks here.

  • The first is to check if your BAT is deposited here.
  • Secondly is to perform a withdrawal to your Binance account.

Ensure BAT balance is correct in Gemini.

Log in to Gemini and ensure that your BAT amount is the exact same as what was previously shown in your Brave Rewards wallet.

You can check via the Portfolio tab on the top menu.

Gemini exchange showing BAT balance

Withdraw BAT to Binance

Go to Transfer > Withdraw from Gemini. You will be brought to the Transfer funds page, where you need to do the following;

  • Select BAT as your currency
  • Copy and paste your Binance BAT deposit wallet address under Select destination. This is from Step 3 above.
  • Enter the amount of BAT you wish to transfer
Withdrawing BAT from Gemini


That’s it. Depending on the number of total transactions during this time, you will have to wait for between 10 and 20 minutes to complete the transaction. Check on your Binance BAT wallet to ensure the BAT amount is deposited successfully.

There is no direct way from Brave to Binance exchange. However, we can first get BAT into Gemini and withdraw it into the Binance exchange.

BAT tokens cannot be mined, and Brave users can earn them by turning on their Brave ads and receiving BAT every month.

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